Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Friendship Care Package

So, Monday wasn't a great day. I wasn't feeling too well, was really sleepy (I don't know why), and I was really anxious for the mail to come, which didn't show up until almost 5:00pm! Then, coming back from checking the mail, I ended up falling, ripping one of my favorite pairs of khakis, & injuring my left shin & my right knee, which swelled up to twice it's size & is scraped to hell from hitting the sidewalk (I completely tore the skin off my knee in places). Let's just say, I will never again try to jump over a puddle wearing flip flops. LOL!

Anyway, after slowly making it back to my apartment & cleaning my wounds & icing both my leg & knee, I pulled a good sized box towards me, which I knew was what I was waiting for: a wonderful friendship care package, put together by my bestie, Danielle. It contained numerous items, most of which she made herself (there were only 2 that I know of that she didn't make herself), and I am going to share photos of that care package with all of you. To start it off, when I opened the box, this is what greeted me on the inside lid of the box:
That immediately put a smile on my face, and after a minute, I proceeded to move the bubble wrap (which I could use to protect my injured knee-LOL), and this is what I saw:
Inside that lovely card was a message, along with these:
Those are little "inspirational" cards that Danielle made for me for when I'm feeling down or alone, and I can tell you that they were exactly what I needed yesterday. After reading the cards & smiling like crazy, I put them to the side & moved the packing tissue out of the way and this is what I saw underneath:
Oh yes! Lots of goodies for me to look at! I started to take them out one by one, and this is what I received:
A lovely lace, pearl, & faux diamond headband w/ elastic
A handmade, felt dolphin, whom I have named Maritza (German name meaning "friend of the sea)

Organic soap. Smells lovely! I can't wait to try it out!

Dangle earrings w/ little blue beads inside the balls (I also got extra beads in case I lose the others)

Lovely handmade pink bow w/ clip
After finding all of those wonderful gifts, I opened up the last package in the box & this is what greeted me (this just happens to be my most favorite present of all):
Silver chain necklace w/ a "mermaid's tear" pendant. Or is it celtic sea glass? I'm not sure. Either way, I love it!

Better pic of the pendant

Without the flash from my camera
Needless to say, Danielle did a GREAT job with this friendship care package & I will cherish everything she made for me always! :) Love you girl!!


P.S. You can check out Danielle's blog at: http://justanotherstaticheart.blogspot.com/ where you can also find the links to her other blogs & items she makes!

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