Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy March!

Happy March all! :) I hope everyone is doing well & has had a good month/week so far! Mine has been pretty good! So much has happened...let's see if I can remember everything...LOL.

My husband & I got accepted at the apartment complex we went looking at last month. Everything went through and all of our credit, criminal, etc. checks came back ok. The only bad thing? We have to wait until another 1 bedroom apartment opens up...which probably won't happen until later this summer. Which, I guess is good in the fact that it gives us more time to save up money & buy all the stuff we need/want for the new place. The bad thing is we are still suck in this sucky, money draining mobile home. But at least we have a roof over our head. LOL. We also got new phones, FINALLY. After 2 years of having a Blackberry Pearl, I have been upgraded to a Droid HTC Incredible. Yup, I got a smart phone. LOL! I'm liking it so much better than the BB. That thing kept giving me trouble & I was getting so freakin' tired of it, so I was definitely happy to get my new phone! :) The hubby finally got his Droid X and is happy to have it, so it's all good all around! :)

Another good thing that happened is that I got extended for another 8 months at my job! :) Yay! I'm actually on my mandatory 5 day break between "tours" right now, so I'm just spending it relaxing & trying to catch up on things that I have let get away from me...including this blog. LOL! I'm just happy that I got to stay on. I was a little worried, because I hadn't had an "edit" in a few months, so I was wondering what would happen when I came up for my review. But, it was all good and I'm in the "Satisfactory" section. Hehe! No matter how much I complain about the job (i.e.-not getting off on time, the cramping I get in my fingers from typing for so long, etc.), I really do enjoy it and am grateful to have it, especially in this economy. :) My husband is also still at his job & hit the 3 year mark back in February. I'm so proud of him for lasting so long for what he does (correction officer @ 1 of the state prisons) & he looks so cute in that uniform! Hehe! ;)

The weather has been getting a bit better lately. Sure, we've still had some cold days here and there, but we've also had some really nice warm days...Spring is definitely coming & I can't wait for it to be here full force! My favorite seasons are Spring & Fall, so yeah, I'm getting excited! :) I can't wait for the trees & flowers to bud & the grass to change back to that beautiful green I like so much. I'm excited to put away my sweaters/sweatshirts & pull out the rest of my t-shirts I have tucked back in the back of the closet. I'm just hoping I can lose some more of this weight I've piled on, so I can buy me a couple pairs of cute shorts to wear during the Spring/Summer. I don't do well in extreme heat, so when it gets to be about mid-summer, I'm dying. Especially if I have to go around in jeans all the time. LOL! I might even invest in some jean skirts or skorts or something like that...add to my wardrobe & try to come up with cute outfits. Hehe! Yeah, I'm being silly now. I think I'm just getting tired & have begun babbling, so I think I will end this here & go try to get some sleep...I know I won't sleep as well as I did last night, as there is no rain tonight...I always sleep better when it rains...the sound is like a lullaby to me. Matter of fact, any kind of running water (ocean, streams, rain, etc) will help me sleep. Just something about it! :)

Ok, I'm really going now...again, I hope everyone is having a good month/week and I'll talk to y'all soon! Take care & stay safe! Later gators!