Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New path

So, I went and interviewed at Heritage College today for acceptance to their X-ray Medical Technician-Medical Assistant program. How did I hear about it? Well, along with seeing TV commercials for the college for the last 6 months, one of my best friends also applied to the college and got in! She's actually the one that helped me decide once and for all to go for it & apply to the college. Everything seemed to go well, and the interviewer I had said she felt really good about recommending me to the Director of the school for acceptance. I should know within a couple of weeks if I'm accepted or not. And if I am, then I have to see if I can get enough financial aide to help pay for it, because Lord knows, I can NOT afford it on my own, as it's over $20,000 to go there. Damn, I'd forgotten how expensive going to college is...granted it's been almost 15 years since I last went. LOL! The only bad thing about all this is, my bestie won't be starting her class until this August, as she's still going to be at her current school when the new class that I may be in (if I'm accepted) starts in April. I tried to see if I could start in August as well, but I guess she has a "special circumstance" which prevents her from starting on time and the interviewer told me that they usually only do that for people that are unable to start in April (or before) because they can't guarantee that there will be a place open in the classes at that time. Which really sucks, but I guess if I want to go to the school (which I do), I best take my place in April. LOL.

I'm really excited about this new path in my life. I always knew I wanted a career in the medical field, but I always thought it'd be in Nursing. However, after researching a lot of stuff & seeing what nurses go through firsthand, I think my mind has been changed. Plus, it could be YEARS before I got a nursing degree, and I'm already starting kind of late on my career goals, so yeah, I think the XMT-MA field is the way to go. The nice thing about the classes is that they study one subject at a time, so we don't get overwhelmed by all the information that we will be taking in, which I believe will me out a lot, as it's been 15 years since I've been in school studying a subject. Plus, I would only go for 4 hours a day, Mon-Fri which is awesome, as I will still be able to keep my full time job as a CNA & make money while I continue my education. Granted, I know it's going to get stressful, trying to study & work at the same time, but if others can do it, so can I. I just have to put my mind to it, and keep my butt off of Facebook while I'm trying to study/do homework. LOL! :) But, if I do get accepted & make it through the program & am able to graduate next year (yeah, only 1 year!), I will be the happiest person when I walk across that stage to get my diploma, and you best guarantee that I will invite everyone that I can to come...and they better show up! LOL!

Anyway, I'm not trying to get TOO excited, as the whole financial aide thing will determine if I can go or not, but even just the possibility of doing this, is something to look forward too. I just hope the w2 my husband & I are waiting for, in order for us to file our taxes for last year, gets here soon, as April 2nd is not that far away! I just have to take it one day at a time & try not to obsess over it too much...which may be hard! LOL!

Well, I guess that's about it for now, but I wanted to share my potentially good news with everyone & get it out of my system. Haha! I hope y'all are doing well & I will update again soon! Until next time, stay safe!

Later gators!