Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What a (wonderful) day!

Well, this morning was the CNA state board exam. It was 100 questions long & I have to say, some of the questions were weird!!! LOL. I think I did pretty good. I know I missed 2 for sure, and probably 3 or 4 other questions, but I believe you can miss up to 30 questions and still pass the test. I'll find out in 4-6 weeks how I did...hopefully it won't actually take that long. A lot of people I've talked to have said they found out their results within 10-14 days of taking the test, so here's hoping that'll happen with me! *crosses fingers* The test was in Emporia, so my husband offered to drive me & my friends/classmates up there. It was definitely an interesting trip up there, and the trip back...OMG, I think my husband was screaming "HELP ME!" on the inside! LOL! One of the girls that rode up with us, ended up riding back home w/ another classmate of ours, so it was just me, my hubby, and my friends Jessica & Shelby. And oh my, was that a fun trip home! I don't think I have laughed as hard as I did on that trip home in a LONG time (seriously, I had tears streaming down my face & my head was pounding). OMG, the conversations we had! We are ALL over the place! For instance, we'd start out by talking about burping/belching & slowly progress toward the different kinds of farting & then talk about puking, and whatever else would pop into our heads. It was HILARIOUS!! I have actually dubbed Shelby, Jessica, & myself the new Three Musketeers. :-) Hehe! It was definitely fun & I can't wait to get together with them again soon (just the 3 of us-sorry baby!) and hang out. All in all, it actually turned out to be quite a wonderful day (beautiful weather out too) and I was sorry to see it end, even thought I knew it had to eventually. I even got to meet my husband's cousin, Abby, for the first time since I got together with him (almost 10 years ago) and she was pretty cool. Didn't get to spend much time with her, as I had to take the test & then we left for home shortly after that, but it was still nice. She's a sweet girl & hopefully my hubby & I will be able to go up to Emporia again sometime for a longer visit...and maybe to use her pool before the summer is over. ;-) Haha!

So again, today was a wonderful day & I look forward to many more fun memories like this one in the future...until next time, take care & stay safe! :-)

Later gators!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I survived :)

Well, I did it...I survived my CNA class! :) Yup, today was the last day of the class & after a month (well, 20 days), it was bittersweet! I was happy that the class was over & that I passed it (with a 98% no less!), but I will miss seeing some of my classmates every day during the week. Luckily, I have their phone numbers & hopefully will be able to keep up with them on Facebook. My instructor was awesome too! Her name was Chung Martin, and she made the class so enjoyable! She was "strict" in her teaching, but she still made the class fun & we definitely cracked up a few times w/ the stories she'd tell us! :) Plus, on this last day, she brought us donuts, so that was AWESOME! Hehe! :) I'm just glad that I don't have to worry about going to school during the morning/afternoon & then having to go to work a couple of hours later, come home, and try to find some time to study before falling asleep & doing it all over again. LOL! All in all though, it was a good experience & I'm just ready to get the state exam out of the way. It is next Tuesday, so I still have a week to wait & study my stuff some more, but I'm certain I'll do fine. I just want to get it done & get that certificate in the mail, so I can begin a new chapter in my life! :) I'm just so proud of myself & my other classmates, especially one of my besties, Jessica, who took the class with me. She did so good & I'm so happy for her! Can't wait to see her start a new chapter in her life as well! :)

Well, my tummy is starting to growl, so I'm going to go and grab an apple or something to eat, and I'll post again soon. Until next time, take care & stay safe!! :)

Later gators!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's been a crazy, LONG week

Wow...it is Saturday & I survived my 1st week of my CNA class. And what a week it has been! Not only do I go to class Mon-Fri 9am-3:30pm, but I also work Mon, Weds, & Fri 5:30-9:30pm, so that makes for LONG days...plus, I have to find time to study in there! Granted, I can study on my days off of work (Tues & Thurs), but on those days, all I feel like doing is going home after class & take a nap! LOL! However, I don't, as I know that I won't be able to fall asleep that evening, so I just suck it up & HOPE to get some kind of studying done. LOL. I guess I can sleep in on the weekend...which is exactly what I did today! Although, I did wake up with a stinking migraine, which was NOT fun. Hopefully that doesn't happen tomorrow!

Anyway, as I said this was my first week of the CNA class. We have been doing a lot of book reading, video watching, and some lab work. We have learned how to properly turn a person in their bed, how to properly make the beds, how to use the mechanical lift, how to assist a person using the gait belt, and how to move them out of bed & into a wheelchair/onto the toliet. It's actually a lot more information to keep in your brain then it sounds like, but I've enjoyed it so far. We have clinicals in about 2 weeks, where we will go to an actual nursing home/assisted living facility (not sure which it was) and work with actual nurses & actual residents, so that's definitely going to be interesting! We will be split into Group A & Group B, and go on opposite days, so hopefully my friend, Jessica, who is taking the class with me, will be in my group. We don't know what group we'll be in yet, as our instructor hasn't assigned them yet. LOL. But, we will only go to clinical 3 days a week, so we actual get 2 free days during the week, which will be AWESOME! :) I just hope I don't screw up during clinicals, as this will be a big part of our grade to pass the class. *fingers crossed* We took our first quiz earlier this week, and I passed it with a 98%. I got 1 question wrong...which upset me, because it was the first quiz and we'd had a review just a few minutes beforehand. I mean, c'mon brain! REMEMBER STUFF!!! Our instructor even mentioned to us that the quizzes/class will get tougher as we go on, so I'm like CRAP!! I know that I just have to believe in myself & believe that I'll do well, but some days it's just so hard to believe that...especially when I'm completely exhausted from lack of sleep. I swear when this month is over, I am going to sleep for another month! LOL! I honestly just want to get through this class & get the state exam over with & find out that I pass & be able to start working as a CNA. Especially since my current job is on the line, as the position I have will no longer be available come August 23rd. Just another thing I have to worry about, huh? I try not to think about it, but it's always there in the back of my mind. Oh well, guess that's life, huh? :)

So again, I managed to make it through my first week of CNA class, and I do look forward to the next 3. I know they will go by fast & it'll be over before I know it, which will suck cuz I won't get to see one of my besties every day, but in the end, I'll feel very accomplished & that's what counts, right? :) And speaking of accomplishments, I think I'm going to end this here & go study my book & workbook while I have the chance. So, until next time, take care, stay safe, & I'll talk to you soon! Later gators! :)