Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rampant thoughts (part 2)

I was sitting on the couch the other day, watching Dirty Jobs, and it was an episode where Mike is in Texas working on putting up a billboard & at one point in the show, a thunderstorm rolls through (with lightning) and I found my mind drifting to memories of past Springs/Summers and all the thunderstorms I've been through. Anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE thunderstorms. There's just something about the sounds & sights of a thunderstorm that is so soothing to me. I really love it when there's a lot of lightning & rain with the storms. I love the smell of rain, so when a thunderstorm hits, I like to open up my windows and let that smell & sound just envelop least until the wind gets too bad & starts sending the rain IN my windows. Lol! I always seem to get inspiration to write (stories & whatnot) when there's a thunderstorm around. It's just really relaxing to me, which I guess is kind of an oxymoron, as most people I've met seem to freak when there's storms abound, especially living in the Midwest. I understand if there's tornadoes that come with the storms, but if it's just wind, rain, thunder, and lightning (or any combo of those), then chill out people! It's just Mother Nature's way of refreshing her Earth, and I love it. We had some good storms last Spring/Summer, but not too much rain (or even snow this Winter), so I'm really hoping that we'll have some REALLY good storms this year with LOTS of rain. I truly miss it and am looking forward to the first thunderstorm of the season, and it's not even February yet, so I have a little while to wait. Today also started out quite cool, gray & overcast with some sprinkles, so that really got my mind thinking about the thunderstorms to come and man oh man, I really just can't wait! :) Oh well, at least I have my memories to keep me company in the meantime, and some videos on YouTube that will quell my thirst until we have one! I'm even going to add a video to this post, so you all can enjoy the sounds of a good thunderstorm! :) Enjoy! Until next time, take care & stay safe!

Later gators,


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