Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wildlife Adventures

Petting the kangaroo. It was so soft!

Riding the camel! :)

The lemur had just finished eating a berry from my hand!
Today, my wonderful husband, surprised me with a trip to Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard, KS. Tanganyika is basically a wildlife refuge for endangered species & a family friendly park where you can walk amongst the animals in their habitats. Kind of like a scaled down zoo, but better :) Don't get me wrong, the zoo is fun too, but you can't walk amongst kangaroos or tortoises or feed ring tailed lemurs at a zoo! :) Today was such an awesome day! We started out by the nursery, where they had a few babies available to look at, and then visiting the giraffe enclosure, where we got to feed a lovely giraffe, who was very eager for the lettuce we gave it :) As we continued around the park, we got to feed lorikeets (a type of bird who seemed to really enjoy landing on my husband-lol), pet red kangaroos, feed & pet bunnies & tortoises, visit lots of different animals, and I even got to ride a camel! That was definitely different! Those animals are NOT very comfortable. LOL! We ended our day at the ring tailed lemur enclosure, where we got to go in, sit down, & let one eat a berry from our hands! It was so cute & we even got a professional photo of the opportunity! I had a blast, and a nice sunburn on my arms to remember the day by! LOL! :) We went to lunch after at a nice little Italian eatery & then came back to the apartment, where I'm planning on spending the rest of the day/evening. The hubby decided to go to the casino with one of his friends, so I get the place to myself, which will be nice, as I can watch whatever I want to on Netflix without him saying anything. Haha! :) Today was definitely a great day & a great way to spend my weekend off. Gotta love surprises! :) Until next time all...take care & stay safe!

Later gators!


Feeding the giraffe

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