Friday, October 12, 2012

Surgery is set

I'm doing this once again from my phone, as it hurts too much to sit in front of my desktop computer. Please forgive me :-) Well, as you can see from the title of this entry there is no denying it. I am going to have back surgery on the 31st of this month. Yup, on Halloween. How crazy is that? Lol. I went & saw the neurosurgeon who specializes in surgeries of the brain, neck, back, & spine, & he was very straightforward about it. When he showed me the MRI of my now-herniated disc, both my husband & I were shocked by how bad it was. There's definitely no other option for me, but surgery. Luckily, the kind of surgery I'm going to have is very invasive & minimal. It's what they call a micro discectomy, where they cut a small incision in my back & go in with a microscope & other surgical equipment & cut out a small part of the disc that is pressing against my spinal cord & causing me to have the pain in my back & leg. It usually only lasts about an hour (as long as there are no complications) & I should only be in the hospital overnight. However, the recovery time can be up to 8 weeks long, which basically means my holidays are shot to help, as 2 weeks out will bring me to the middle of November and 6 weeks out will bring me to the middle of December. Those are the two points at which I'll go in for check ups, so yeah, it's gonna kind of suck, but I guess if this surgery gives me the relief it's expected to, I'll sacrifice my holidays. LOL. I did go get an epidural steroids injection on Wednesday, which has helped with some of the pain I've been having, but it just really dulled everything to the point that I can get around a little bit more than I did before. I'm not complaining about that, as I figured that is what was going to happen, & hopefully it'll last until my surgery date. Only 19 days & until next time, I hope y'all are doing okay, & I'll post again soon. Take care & stay safe! Later gators, *Jolene*

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