Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It was a fun (and not so fun) few days...

My favorite picture from this past weekend!
Greetings everyone! Sorry I haven't posted an actual blog in a while (besides the Boston Marathon one). I got a new job back at the beginning of this month, and it's kept me quite busy to the point that when I get home, I don't even want to get on the computer, so I just use my phone for most things. Hopefully that changes now. LOL.

Anyway, I just wanted to post about this past weekend that I had with my best friend. She let me know that she was going to be in Wichita for the Civil War Days celebration at the Old Cowtown Museum in the downtown area, and wanted to know if I wanted to go. Of course I did! I've lived in Wichita for almost 3 years now (and Kansas for 11), and have NEVER been to Cowtown, but have always heard about it and thought it'd be fun! So after spending the day together on Friday in El Dorado (where we went walking around the thrift stores & got some great Frozen Yogurt at this cute lil Fro Yo place in downtown El Dorado), I told her I'd meet her Saturday morning at Cowtown. Well, Saturday morning rolled around, and wouldn't you know it? BAM!! I had a MASSIVE migraine. I hadn't had one of those in a LONG time. This one was so bad that I literally felt nauseous every time I stood up or moved around. So, suffice it to say, I did NOT go to Cowtown on Saturday. I basically spent that entire day in bed, praying and doing everything I could to make my migraine go away. I felt really bad though, as my bestie doesn't have a cell phone, so I couldn't text her and let her know that I wasn't going to make it (even if she had one, she wouldn't have answered it, as she dresses in 1850's garb (clothes) because she portrays a reenactor at these events). However, I did text her boyfriend, whom I knew would be with her to have him tell her what was going on, but he didn't get the message until after 5pm (I was supposed to show up by 9:30am), so my poor bestie was totally freaking out all day, thinking I was hurt or something worse! Boy was I glad when I was finally able to get a hold of her and reassure her that everything was alright and I was just sidelined by a damn migraine. Once we got that out of the way, we made plans for me to pick her up at her aunt's house on Sunday, and we'd go to Cowtown together. I was hoping & praying that my migraine would be completely gone by then! I took some extra painkillers & a muscle relaxer before going to bed that night, and when I awoke Sunday morning at 8:30am, I was so happy to feel that I no longer had a migraine!!!!!! YES!! So, I got up, showered, got dressed, and headed out to pick up my bestie. She called me as I was heading her way (to make sure I was still coming) & to let me know I needed to help her lace her corset. Now, let me tell you, before Sunday, I'd only ever had ONE experience in lacing a corset (again, it was hers), but the one she had on this time was totally different than the one I'd "practiced" on. I thought I was going to knock the poor girl over as I was trying to tighten those damn laces! LOL! I seriously don't know how anyone could've worn one of those things EVERY DAY of their lives back in the olden days! Haha!

Anyway, long story short, she finished getting dressed in her period clothing, and we headed over to Cowtown. Along the way though, we decided to do a mini photo shoot along the river, as we had some time to kill. I took some pictures of her & she took some pictures of me (which I will post mine in this blog entry). When the time came, we headed over to Cowtown & proceeded to spend the entire day there, with me being a snap happy gal & taking over 300 pictures with her awesome camera! :) Now, for those that don't know, Cowtown is literally a little town set up with original buildings/artifacts from the 1800's! Homes, buildings, farm equipment, etc. Even an old hearse, which was pretty cool! You can go into these buildings and take pictures & learn the history about each one and they sometimes even have people in the buildings "acting" as a person from that time period (i.e.-we went into the original Wichita Eagle newspaper building & they had a person using the actual equipment to print little cards & answer questions about what it would've been like in those days). They had tons of people dressed up in period clothing and reenactors walking about everywhere, and even had some gun "battles" (real guns, non lethal cartridges). It was pretty cool and I had a great time! By the time I got home Sunday evening, my feet and back were killing me (in a good way), and little did I know, my face and upper chest had a nice sunburn to them! LOL! Yeah, I didn't even think about putting on sunscreen that day! Whoops! I'm paying the consequences of that now. Oh well! It was still a fun day!

I'm hoping to put up some pictures that I took during my visit to Cowtown, but my bestie has to finish editing them, so until she is, you'll just have to do with the pictures she took of me by the river on Sunday (4/21/13). I hope this blog entry finds you all well, and I will post again soon! Until next time, take care & stay safe! :)

Later gators!


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  1. I dated a guy who started doing this when we were together. He calls himself a living historian. He carried his cellphone with him though, and he was in period clothes. It was actually fun doing that stuff. :)