Friday, January 13, 2012

Greetings 2012! :)

Hello everyone!

I realize that it is almost 2 weeks into 2012, but I haven't really had the time to write until now. The last month and a half has been quite crazy, what with Christmas and New Years Eve, and me resigning from my job as a CNA at Life Care Center of Andover to move to a CNA position at Larksfield Place Health Care Center. I am loving my new job! It is so much more laid back than LCCA & even my husband has already noticed a change in my demeanor, and I've only been working there for about a week now! I just hope it continues to go this way! Hehe! I still hope to get my Med Aide certification this spring, but we'll see how things are going when it gets closer to the class date. I may just look into taking a nursing class instead. I don't know. My mind is quite fickle right now. LOL!

Christmas was good, despite the fact that I had to work. I got some nice presents from my husband (Green Bay Packers dangle earrings, CSI: NY season 2, Beverly Hills 90210 season 1) and a lovely journal from one of my besties, Jessica. It definitely came as a surprise, as I wasn't expecting anything from her, but I love it! :) Unfortunately, against all my wishes, we didn't have any snow on Christmas day. I really miss having a white Christmas. Having been born in & lived in Alaska for 8 years, I remember all the snow we had up there & I definitely miss it! Oh well, I guess I'll survive! LOL! :) New Years Eve was alright. I actually  had to work, but it was my last day at LCCA, so it was worth it. I didn't even go out after I got home from work. My husband and I just relaxed at home & rang in the new year together, watching the ball drop in Times Square on the TV. I think I was even in bed & asleep by 2am that night! LOL! In other words, it was a good end to 2011, and so far, 2012 has started off great. Hopefully, many more good things are to come!

Well, my brain is starting to turn to mush (LOL), so I'm going to end this here, but I hope this entry finds you all well and I will post again soon! Take care & stay safe!

Later gators,


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