Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Woah, where's the sunshine!?

Greetings all! I hope everyone is doing well & having a good day! Sadly, the sun is not shining here today, unlike what the weather said ("partially sunny"). I hate it when they lie like that. LOL! But, I'm still trying to make a good day of it! I've had a pretty good morning so far...well morning & early afternoon, as it's only shortly after 1pm here right now. Took the hubby to his friends' house & dropped him off so they could make a trip up to Salina together to look at some furniture & other stuff for his friends' new house, which means I get OUR home to myself for the day! WOOOO! Don't get me wrong, I love the hubby & all, but I also enjoy having time to myself! No sharing the computer, tv, etc. Hehe! However, tomorrow we are going to spend the day together. We have to do laundry (hello laundromat) & we are going to go around and look @ apartment complexes in Wichita, as we are planning on moving outta this place come this summer/early Fall. I can't wait! The place we are living in now is a mobile home that we are renting from his dad & stepmom, who just happen to live RIGHT NEXT DOOR. It sux! There are so many things going wrong in this home, that I'm even surprised that it's still standing! And of course my in-laws won't do a damn thing about it because "we don't have the money right now." That seems to be the excuse we get EVERY time we tell them there is something wrong. I mean, HELLO!! When the floor beneath your feet begins to sag, there's a problem!! (Yes, the floor beneath the carpet is, for some reason, made of particle board-who's bright idea was that?-and I guess it's gotten wet & has begun to sag in spots). But, I'm not going to think of that today. Today is going to be a good day. I'm going to hang out @ home & just relax. I took a couple of extra days off of work this week (thank goodness for paid leave), so I can actually enjoy my time off of work! :) Plus, the hubby & I are going to get new phones in a couple of days & I can't wait for those! I'm so over this damn Blackberry I have. LOL! The hubby got me some kind of Droid phone (I can't remember exactly which one), so I'm REALLY excited to get it! Just have to go to the store to get them activated once we get them in the mail (yeah, he bought 'em online-hey, they had a special! LOL). So yeah, this week has started out pretty good so far for me...I hope it continues that way, and hopefully the sun will come out some time today! I absolutely love it when the sun is shining bright! It makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside...cliche, I know, but it's true! LOL! :) Well, I'm going to end this here & get back to my soap (Days of our Lives), so I'll chat at y'alls again soon! Have a great day! Take care & stay safe! Later gators! :)


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