Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hello everyone! Thank you for dropping by & seeing what I have to say! :)

Some of you are probably wondering why I named this blog "Sparkling Streams." Well, the reason is simple: I enjoy them & they help put me at ease! Whenever I needed to "breathe," I'd go for a walk and try to find some kind of water source, usually a stream or river, and just sit by it, listening to the water splashing over the rocks, while I let my mind wander. Sometimes, I'd take my mp3 player with me, put the headphones on, & just walk the length of that water source. It always made me feel better and afterward, I could think clearly. This is what my blog is about also. It is going to help me get out my feelings & thoughts & give me that sense of ease I so enjoy! :)

I don't have a bunch to say right now, as it is almost 2:30am and I really do need to get some sleep, but I wanted to say hello & I hope you continue to come back & visit often! I promise...I will have better things to say when I'm awake & coherent! LOL! :) Until next time, stay safe!

Later gators!


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