Friday, March 9, 2012

Silently screaming in my head...

Well, I couldn't sleep tonight (again), so I thought I'd start looking at the spring/summer clothes coming out in stores about now & OMG, I just started screaming in my head. And it wasn't a good scream. It was a "OMG, I'M NEVER GONNA LOOK GOOD IN SOMETHING LIKE THAT!" type of scream. Yeah, as you can tell, I don't do well in summertime. Especially with being a plus size woman. I swear to god, the fashion makers make the UGLIEST clothes for plus size women. I don't know if it's because the ugly patterns are the only ones they can get enough material of, or what, but I hate about 95% of what I see! I was hoping by this summer I'd be out of plus size clothing, but it's definitely not looking that way. Guess I'll be looking in the men's sections of stores to see what kind of t-shirts they have, as I know I won't be able to find anything cute (and cheap) in the plus size women's section-and I'm talking like 2x-3x sizes. I have been pretty well endowed by mother nature & lemme tell you, it isn't easy finding shirts that fit well over my girls! LOL! I'm also dreading buying a swimsuit (which I need to buy). I haven't worn, let alone OWNED, a swimsuit in probably 15 years. The ones I've seen online are cute, but they are freaking expensive! Even the ones at Walmart! I don't know what I'm going to do. I just get so depressed & down looking at clothes, knowing I need new ones for the summer time (all my shorts are cut offs from old jeans that were worn out) so I don't completely die in what I'm sure is going to be a very hot summer (again-seriously, last summer, we had around 51-52 days of 100 degrees or more, and that doesn't count the humidity that came with 'em!) Even if I start working out now-um, yeah, I've put that off WAY too long-there is no way I'll be out of the plus sizes in a month or two. Trust me, I know my body & I know how it works when it comes to losing weight and it'll probably take me ALL summer just to lose the initial 30 lbs I want to lose! Ugh, it just seriously sucks, y'all. Even though I haven't bought anything yet, I am seriously starting to dread the prospect of wonder I'm such a homebody in the summertime... *shakes head & sighs*


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