Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What a (wonderful) day!

Well, this morning was the CNA state board exam. It was 100 questions long & I have to say, some of the questions were weird!!! LOL. I think I did pretty good. I know I missed 2 for sure, and probably 3 or 4 other questions, but I believe you can miss up to 30 questions and still pass the test. I'll find out in 4-6 weeks how I did...hopefully it won't actually take that long. A lot of people I've talked to have said they found out their results within 10-14 days of taking the test, so here's hoping that'll happen with me! *crosses fingers* The test was in Emporia, so my husband offered to drive me & my friends/classmates up there. It was definitely an interesting trip up there, and the trip back...OMG, I think my husband was screaming "HELP ME!" on the inside! LOL! One of the girls that rode up with us, ended up riding back home w/ another classmate of ours, so it was just me, my hubby, and my friends Jessica & Shelby. And oh my, was that a fun trip home! I don't think I have laughed as hard as I did on that trip home in a LONG time (seriously, I had tears streaming down my face & my head was pounding). OMG, the conversations we had! We are ALL over the place! For instance, we'd start out by talking about burping/belching & slowly progress toward the different kinds of farting & then talk about puking, and whatever else would pop into our heads. It was HILARIOUS!! I have actually dubbed Shelby, Jessica, & myself the new Three Musketeers. :-) Hehe! It was definitely fun & I can't wait to get together with them again soon (just the 3 of us-sorry baby!) and hang out. All in all, it actually turned out to be quite a wonderful day (beautiful weather out too) and I was sorry to see it end, even thought I knew it had to eventually. I even got to meet my husband's cousin, Abby, for the first time since I got together with him (almost 10 years ago) and she was pretty cool. Didn't get to spend much time with her, as I had to take the test & then we left for home shortly after that, but it was still nice. She's a sweet girl & hopefully my hubby & I will be able to go up to Emporia again sometime for a longer visit...and maybe to use her pool before the summer is over. ;-) Haha!

So again, today was a wonderful day & I look forward to many more fun memories like this one in the future...until next time, take care & stay safe! :-)

Later gators!!

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