Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Soon to be CNA...I hope! :)

Well, the title says it all! Yes, I am officially enrolled in a CNA class for May. After years and YEARS of talking about doing it & never following through with it, I finally did it! YAY!!! And, I get to take it with one of my best friends, so that makes it EVEN better! :) I'm so excited! I can't wait to say, "Hi, I'm Jolene and I'm a CNA." Hehe!! Just kidding, I won't say that....well, at least not in public! LMAO! :) I'm not going to stop there either. This is just the first step in my "nursing ladder." I hope to one day get my RN & will possibly go into Pediatrics. This CNA class will definitely help out, not just professionally, but personally. 

Having grown up the daughter of a nurse, I have wanted to be one since I can remember! As I said before, my husband & I have talked about me going into nursing for YEARS, practically since we first got together, but unfortunately, the funds have never been there...until now. :) Granted, this class is taking nearly $900 from us, but it will be worth it in the end!! I can already tell that my husband is feeling better about where I'm headed in life, and I can just picture his face, when I come home that wonderful day & tell him I passed the state boards....which I'm planning on doing! I know it'll be nerve wracking to go and take that test, but I'm sure this class will prepare us well for that day...and again, I'll have a terrific gal by my side to say "You can do it!" :) and vice versa, of course! Hehe! Every day I go to my job now, I think "only a couple more months & you won't have to do this." I am looking forward to that day...the day I can say, I have a CAREER, and not just a job. I will be so proud of myself, as I'm sure my mom & the rest of my family will be. Dang it, why can't May 16th be here already!? LOL! :)

Well, I hope this post finds you all well, and I will post again soon...take care & stay safe! Later gators! :)


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  1. Of course you can do it, because YOU CAN DO IT! Yay! I'm happy, you're happy, we're just HAPPY! It's good to finally feel that way, isn't it?! :D